Tuesday, March 31, 2015

360 Degree Videos Vs Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

I keep talking to people about the cultural revolution that is coming soon in virtual reality.

People have questions about the different technologies so I have put together some basic definitions of terms and examples of 360 degree videos, virtual reality, and augmented reality:

360 degree videos --- Using a 360 degree camera to capture all angles of a situation to allow viewers to completely immerse themselves and replicate the experience of being there.

YouTube and FaceBook just started allowing people to upload 360 degree videos.  

Example of a 360 degree video:

Time Couch - VR Demo by StressLevelZero


I’ve captured a few more examples here:

Examples of 360 Cameras being sold today or in the near future:

360 degree videos are cool when seen on a two dimensional monitor, but the real power of these will be evident when virtual reality goggles are being sold.

Virtual reality mimics a user’s natural view of the world because it completely covers the eyes and the images move as the user moves his head.

Here’s examples of some of the most exciting companies developing virtual reality hardware and software that we know about today:

Augmented Reality --- Similar to Virtual Reality, but the user sees the real world and has computer graphics overlaid over top of reality.

Good examples:

Microsoft HoloLens

Magic Leap:

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